Zombie Survival Tools

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The 2nd half of Season 4 Walking Dead is back tonight, and it looks like the group is still separated from each other after the battle at the prison. In truth, I’d be scared as hell if I had to be on my own, let alone having to deal with the crazy people that want to either eat, kill, torture, enslave, and/or rape me. Hell, I can’t even play scary video games by myself (f*** you, F.E.A.R. 3).

That being said, I don’t think I’d last very long in the world of the Walking Dead. But…should the zombie apocalypse go down, here are some items that would make me feel a helluva lot better and safer:

Amp Solar Charger
Because… what’s life without a dead mobile phone? I want to be able to play some friggin’ Angry Birds to pass the time. #Gamer4Life

AceCamp Survivor Multi-Tool Shovel

Forget Swiss Army Knives. I want a Multi-Tool Shovel I can use as a Hatchet, Saw, Hammer Wrench, Nail Puller, Bottle Opener, Compass, Emergency Knife, and Fishing Line with hooks. It even has a small compartment for matches.

Knife Sharpener
You might come across straight-edged weapons, like knives or a bad ass Katana, but what good are they if they’re not sharp?

Bulletproof Suit
Form, function, and motherf*ckin’ style. This suit has been proven to stop 9MM caliber bullets within 10 feet. Take a look at the video on the site: http://garrisonbespoke.com/custom-suits/bulletproof-suit/

Meindl Spikes Boots
Winter boots with retractable spikes. Awesome during the arctic conditions we’ve been experiencing in the Midwest lately, even better for skull stomping.

Water Purification Unit

Paracord Bracelet

The Man Pram
The ultimate baby buggy for my future little “ass-kicker”

Triple barrel shotgun
How could you miss?

Cutshield – Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves

So I don’t accidentally cut myself when hacking my way through zombie faces.

Small-Caliber Rifle – US Survival AR-7
I’m thinking it may be easier to find .22 caliber rounds. Good to have this low-caliber rifle as a backup and to hunt small game.

Water Car
No explanation needed.

What types of gear and tools would you want to have?

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