Master Chief says, “F&#$ you red ring of death”

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Unique Consoles are being auctioned off to raise funds for the David Peachey Foundation -celebrating the sale of 1 million Xbox 360s across Australia and New Zealand. You can bid on several customized consoles. Ever wanted to have Kelly Rowland’s face on the side of your Xbox? Now you can for a minimum bid of $405 – current bid as of this post [ AU].

The biggest draw to the cause so far has been the donation from Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor. Latest ebay bid is at AU $2000 (US $1851.02) for this bad boy. With an assault rifle in hand, Master Chief is helping to create new venting holes for your console (he’s tired of the overheating issues too). Ebay Listing

On a lighter note, there is also a limited edition Crystal Xbox sporting more than 10,000 semi precious stones. This will look great next to 4Apple’s (Flickr user) customized Pink Controller [via TechnaBob]

Crystal Xbox and Pink Controller.

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