Wolf Among Us

Wolf Among Us: Ep. 1 – Blow My House Down Good

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Blow My House Down Good

The Good
It's Sin City filled with fairytale lore, engaging story, superb voice-acting, and great twists.

The Bad
Console controls don't feel as natural as it does on an iOS device.

We’re all pretty familiar with childhood stories like the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood, and Beauty and the Beast. Movies like Shrek have placed a creative and fun spin on these old fables, but you haven’t seen them quite like this. Telltale continues its fantastic story-telling ways with a gritty new  series called, “The Wolf Among Us,” featuring Bigby Wolf (aka the Big Bad Wolf in case you haven’t figured that out :)).

It’s a dark time for fairytale characters that are living in a magical version of the Big Apple. Bigby Wolf is the sheriff of Fable Town and someone is murdering famous princesses. As a prequel story to Bill Willingham’s Fables comic series, Bigby must solve these strings of murders while trying to maintain order among the displaced fairytale community. It’s a tough job for the wolf as many do not seem to like him for his past crimes of blowing houses down and attempting to eat little girls.

Bigby Wolf and Mirror
Throughout my 2 hour experience, I was faced with tough decisions while investigating crime scenes, interrogating and roughing up suspects, and even found myself in fist fights with other well-known characters.  The cinematic sequences were absolutely engaging as I had to make decisions in the moment with quick-time events. Definitely worth a replay to see various outcomes.

Since the story includes many familiar characters, the series upends your views on each of them with surprising takes on their personalities. During your investigation you’ll meet a familiar beast who is having trouble with his beautiful wife, a flying monkey with a drinking problem, a princess turn “pro”, and have a run-in with an old nemesis. It’s like Sin City filled with fairytale lore. My only gripes with the game is that it’s better played on an iOS device and feels great to tap/swipe versus pointing and clicking on a console controller.

Verdict – Blow My House Down Good

Telltale has successfully brought another story to life with this extremely well-written point-and-click adventure. This episode sets the tone for the Big Bad Wolf and the rest of the series by bringing you funny, surprisingly brutal, and mysterious moments. Bill Willingham, if this was some collaborative marketing scheme to get me to buy the comics… you are an evil genius.

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