What is this Wizardry? The Future of Adobe Creative Apps

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One day, tablets and mobile devices will completely replace the need for a traditional PC or laptop. Many already rival basic computer specs, but they are not yet fully capable to handle resource-intensive tasks such as animation, design, and video editing on their own. Plus, they’re not yet practical for developers and engineers (at least not until they can develop a reliable typing input device that would live up to their standards).

However, the future of these devices is certainly an intriguing one and Adobe’s vision for its creative software on tablets (and mobile devices) is awe-inspiring. Check out the video above to see some of the magic.


Edit captures on your gaming console


Trace a real object


Splatter paint with your phone


Finished Splatter with Paint Still dripping

I’m not sure what would be possible in the next few years. Even if they only achieve a sliver of the features shown, I’m buying!

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