TMNT Weapons Combined into One

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Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle do you think has the best weapon? For me, it’s Leonardo’s duel wielded Katana swords. You have distance and lethality. Maybe you like the idea of getting up close and personal with a pair of Sais, the Bruce Lee grace of two nunchakus, or the elegance and brutality of a Bo Staff? Can’t decide? Well, the smiths of Man at Arms thought it was a good idea to combine all 4 weapons into a single, insane weapon with an identity complex. Is it a spear? trident? double-sided spear? an overly elaborate pitchfork?

The staff serves as the base with a Katana on one end (resembling more of a knight than a sword) and a chained Sai on the other end. The Sai can be fastened to the base or loosened by screwing and unscrewing.

Any weapons experts have thoughts on this makeshift double-sided spear/staff thingamajiggy? While I love watching these guys forge weapons, I just think this was a bad idea. Hopefully this isn’t indicative of how the movie will be—a combination of awesome things mashed into one hot mess.


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