The Future of the Desktop PC?

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Multi-screen desktops are commonplace. Most office workers prefer to have at least a dual-screen setup to increase productivity and expand screen realty. The tablet has also become essential to everyday work and life with its intuitive interface and mobility. The guys at Computerphile have created a prototype that combines the traditional desktop space (monitor, keyboard, and mouse) with the touch-screen interface of a tablet into a new type of desktop computer. Is this the direction the traditional desktop is heading or do you think we’ll end up completely hands-free (i.e. – Minority Report style)?

While screen tablets are nothing new (e.g. – touch screen monitors, wacom tablets, and of course iPads), I can see this type of combined setup working well for a wide variety of fields, but the lack of mobility is a concern and looking straight down at the desk would put serious strain on one’s neck. To make this worthwhile, they’d have to tilt the desk upward, include an app that would allow you to seamlessly transfer information onto a connected tablet, and it should be able to order me some pizza or at least keep my coffee warm.

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