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Supporting Net Neutrality – Sept 9, 2014

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Some of your favorite websites may be slowing down today, September 9, 2014 in support of an online protest today calling for stronger protections of net neutrality. If you’re unaware of what net neutrality is, it’s basically the idea that ISPS (Internet Service Providers) should treat all data that travels via their networks equally. In other words, they shouldn’t be able to speed up or slow down access to various websites. Many are comparing it to “fast” lanes and “slow” lane highways. The way the guidelines are currently proposed includes language that would allow ISPs to charge more for access to faster lanes. For further info on Net Neutrality a quick internet search will bring up a ton of articles, but here are a few videos to help explain what is going on:

Here’s another good video (9 minutes long)

Or you can watch this funny take on the subject from “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

For the past few months, the FCC has been collecting responses and comments from the general public about the proposed net neutrality guidelines. To have your “voice” heard in support of stronger protections for neutrality, you can submit your own letter to the FCC on

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