Step Your Text Messaging Up with GIFs

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I have a love/hate relationship with emojis. I love them for their simplicity, but hate them for the overuse Maybe I’m just bitter because I can’t readily use them with my phone (Insert smiling poop emoji). But forget all that. Now there’s a new GIF-making app available from JibJab—the place where we’ve spent countless hours creating funny animated greeting cards with the faces of our family and friends.

Their new messaging app, JibJab Messages, allows users to create animated GIFs in the same method that we’ve created those animated videos. Choose a photo, isolate the face/head, then choose the animated GIF from “GIFs Starring You.”


[via TechCrunch]

You can create up to 10 free images, but after that it’s $0.99 per month for unlimited use OR $0.99 for each 10 sent photos. Currently only available for iOS users.

01JibJabMessages_Screens JibJabMessages_Screen JibJabMessages_Screen1 JibJabMessages_Screen2 JibJabMessages_Screens2

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