Step Yo Water Balloon Game up

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There’s nothing sweeter than a well-thrown water balloon that splashes gracefully against thine enemy’s clothing. Seriously… what’s more fun than participating in some good ‘ol water balloon warfare during hot summer days, right? The only downside was when your ability to deal out bombs of water justice was ammo maintenance—filling up balloons and tying them one by one. It was always an annoying and tedious activity that often resulted in wasted ammo, dropped balloons, impossible knots, and premature water emissions. BUT NO MORE! Tinnus Enterprises has quickly funded their Kickstarter project (in under 12 hours) that will allow users to fill up AND tie 100 balloons in a minute—Bunch O Balloons


[via Kickstarter Bunch O Balloons]

I’m not sure what they’re planning on as a final retail price, but $15 will net you their “stem” system and 100 balloons. Seems pretty pricey for a one-time use product so let’s hope they bring that price down after it’s put into mass production.

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