Star Wars and World War Mashup Prints

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A s cool as all the Star Wars’ lore and mythology is it’d be pretty terrifying to go up against an AT-AT or see a Tie Fighter streak across the sky above.   This print series from Impale designs combines World War II images with Star Wars for some interesting results.

11″ x 17″ Print are available for sale at at $10 each OR you can buy a bundle of 4 prints for $25 (includes 3 on 3, Charge, Invasion, and Dogfight)


3 on 3 – Impale Design

wtarwars_world-war (2)

Dog Fight – Impale Design

wtarwars_world-war (3)

Charge! – Impale Design

wtarwars_world-war (5)

Invasion – Impale Design

wtarwars_world-war (4)

Retreat – Impale Design

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