Spaceship Sizes Chart

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Creator of the science fiction spaceship chart and Deviant artist, Dirk Loechel, has applied his final update after working on the project for over a year. Now you can visually compare the awesomeness of science fiction’s greatest spacecrafts in one ginormous graphic. Given the limitations and the scope of the project, Dirk limited the ships to those that fell between 100 meters and 24000 meters long. That means no planet-sized space stations and he even excluded the Tardis citing that it’s “both too large and too small” (well played). We’re also guessing that newer ships such as the ones in Bungie’s Destiny are not included as well.

spaceship-compare-post (4.49MB)

It’s a little overwhelming to look at, but awesome nonetheless. You’d be surprised at how the ships measure up and it helps to clear any arguments about which ship is bigger than others. In my mind, the Spaceball One had to be the largest/longest ship out there.

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