Sigmo – a Universal Language Translator

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Attention frequent travelers, linguistically challenged, and Trekkies, a universal translator has been made.

While it may not be able to translate Klingon to English or vice-versa, Sigmo is a “voice translating device that will revolutionize the way you’re able to communicate and understand other languages” (via It’s a wearable device, roughly 1.6″ x 1.6″ (4cm x 4cm),  that you can use like a necklase, attach it to your clothes, or strap it to your arm with a special band.

It works by using your existing mobile phone, running either Android or iOS operations systems, and connects via BlueTooth. Translation utilizes existing voice translator services such as Google Translate. When coupled with the free Sigmo app, you can select from 25 languages to translate to/from, and adjust the volume. For it to work, your phone just needs a data connection. In future iterations, they’re hoping to have a local library installed with the app so that it’s ability to work isn’t dependent on connectivity.


The creators of Sigmo reached their funding goal back in October 2013 and have raised almost $250,000 on IndieGoGo. They were hoping to ship their final product by January 2014, but they appear to be finalizing the design in pre-production and have halted any new orders. You can keep up-to-date with their progress on their IndieGoGo page, and they’ll let you know when they’re opening up orders again. $50 nets you a black, white, or green (looks more like a neon-ish yellow) Sigmo with stainless steel clip, neck strap, wrist bracelet, and free shipping.

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