Shreddies: Flatulence Filtering Undies

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I just saw comedian Jo Koy a few weeks ago and he did this bit about farting in public, and how it’d be funny if his gas was made to smell better. “Braaaaaaap! Sniff, Sniff… why does it smell minty fresh in here all of a sudden?

Well ladies and gentlemen, Shreddies USA has developed award-winning healthcare flatulence filtering underwear. Apparently these have been around since 2009, saving nostrils, embarrassment, and negating the need to blame the dog.

Shreddies comes in men and women styles, and both “feature a ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odous.”



I think I know what my wife is going to get me for Christmas this year.

P.S. – It’s kinda weird that it positions itself as a quality healthcare product, but then features that ridiculous image of the dude sniffing the women’s butt on their front page.


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