Quick Game Reviews: Heavy Rain and BioShock 2

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Heavy Rain

“Interactive Entertainment” is exactly what this game is. It’s like watching a psychological thriller movie, only that you get to control the actions of the main characters.

In Heavy Rain, you follow the story of 4 characters, a father, a journalist, an FBI agent, and a private investigator. While all of them come from various backgrounds, each character’s story is intertwined as all have been affected by the string of murders conducted by the ‘Origami Killer’.

The high-points of the game are 1) the engaging story and 2) how the game draws you in to feel the anxiety or stress of a given situation. For example ***SPOILER ALERT***, in one of the opening sequences you’re playing as the father and you’re at the mall with your son. As you continue through the mall, your son wanders off and you need to find him. During this part, the developers do an amazing job that let you feel the stress… you literally feel helpless as you maneuver through large crowds of people to find your son.

My main gripes about the game is that it is very short (8 – 10 hours) and has little to no replay value. Although you can go back and repeat story chapters (giving you a chance to relive “what if” moments), you already know the full story.

4 out of 5 stars. Great graphics, amazing story, compelling characters. Can finish within 10 hours and has very little replay value.

BiosShock 2

This sequel to one of the better games of ’07, was a little disappointing. I felt that it lacked the depth that BioShock 1 brought to the table. Don’t get me wrong, I still think this is a great game, but it definitely fell short on several aspects.

In this sequel, we’re brought back to the world of Rapture, but not as the original protagonist. This time we play as one of the “Big Daddies” of the world, and this is where I have a problem with the game. “Big Daddies” are supposed to be the badass motherf*ckers that are really tough to beat… but for some reason YOU are the pansy of the bunch. While I realize that they couldn’t make the game easy, it seems odd that the low-level enemies can actually pose a threat.

Additionally, the story seemed dry and was not as engaging as the first one.

3.5 out of 5 stars. Improved gameplay and easier to string together attack combos. Lackluster story. Aside from aesthetic differences, it really feels just like the first one.

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