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Light painting is a fairly simple thing to do. With some decent equipment, set the camera to a long exposure, place your camera on a steady tripod, and then “paint” with your selected light source within the frame of the picture. Sounds simple enough right? It’s fun when you get it right, but how can you push your light painting skills to the next level?

How can you go from this (this took over 30 tries for me)…


to this?

pixelstick-art2[photo via PixelStick]

Enter PixelStick by BitBanger Labs.

Lightpaint photoreal images, abstract creations, and even ANIMATION into your long exposure shots. That’s right… Animation!


They’ve met their KickStarter funding goals and are currently in production with deliveries expected to go out by the end of the month. PixelStick Kits run $325 and include:

  • LED PCBs (200 LEDs total)
  • Two 3′ aluminum extrusions
  • Connecting bracket
  • Diffusion lens
  • Handle with grip and rotating sleeve
  • controller box with cables and clips
  • Battery holder (batteries not included)
  • and a Carry Bag.

Check out some of the possibilities below: [Photos via ThePixelStick.com]




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