a Cloud-based Raw Photo Editor

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If you like to work with RAW photo formats, you have to go through the pain of converting photos prior to sharing them with friends, family, or even clients. Of course, you’re probably already using Adobe Lightroom, Lightzone, or some some other robust photo-editor, but if you want a quick way to upload, manage, edit, and share RAW photo formats, is a browser-based app and a simple solution that could work for you.

First off, it’s absolutely FREE (we love free things). You just need a Google account and an active Google Drive to start uploading photos. Your pics will be saved to a separate folder on your Google Drive. It’s got some basic editing features that should handle most people’s needs. Plus it has the ability to detect/alert users when duplicates are uploaded. Currently it only supports Google Drive but has plans to support other cloud storage services in the near future.

Google Drive has recently dropped their pricing and you can get 100GB for $2/month or 1TB for $10/mo.

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