New Gaming Themed Restaurant “Nom-Nom-Noming” Soon to Illinois

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Namco Entertainment, the creators of timeless classics such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Pole Position, and Dig Dug, is apparently jumping into the food service industry with their own gaming themed restaurant in Schaumburg, IL.

This new concept restaurant, Level257, seems to be capitalizing on the retro gaming craze that continues to find success with retro arcade gaming bars such as Emporium Arcade Bar and Headquarters Beercade in Chicago. According to the Daily Herald, this new concept restaurant is going to occupy warehouse space previously used by Sears on the upper level of Woodfield Mall. It will have it’s own exterior entrance, but will not be accessible from inside the mall itself.

The restaurant will offer “high-level” eating and fine dining featuring decor heavily inspired and influenced by Pac-Man. They’ll also have up to 8 lanes of bowling and video games (which we’re assuming will come from the extensive Namco library).


Level257 Restaurant 3D Rendering, Concept

Little else is known about the type of cuisine and we’re curious to know what “fine dining” can mean when it’s related to video games. We’re guessing pizza may be too obvious of a choice, but if it’s going to follow a Pac-Man motif, what else are they gonna serve? White circles/pellets? Ghosts? Random fruit that we have to chase around the restaurant?

Today’s specials include a pan-seared Blinky with a side of roasted banana, followed by a cherry dessert that will appear randomly throughout the restaurant. Just catch it to eat.

Level257 will be “Nom-ing Soon” to the Chicagoland area in early 2015 and we’re excited to see what it will have to offer.  Do we you think we have to put a quarter up on the window for a reservation?

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