Meet ED – Computer Animation at its Finest

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Say Hi to Ed—a computer animated graphic created by Chris Jones using Lightwave, Sculptris and Krita. It’s ridiculously realistic and I was blown away to learn that it was all animation.

Animated graphics has come a long way with CGI dominating Hollywood blockbuster titles. We’ve got talking turtles, fantasy backdrops, fire-breathing dragons, hobbits, orcs, kaijus, and super heroes. Movies like Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (2001) pushed CGI capabilities, and even Tron: Legacy (2010) attempted to put Jeff Bridges through the fountain of youth. Although impressive on both accounts, it was still lacking and not as convincing as Ed here. As tech progresses, do you think video games will strive to reach graphics such as this? Will movies replace live actors and move completely to voice over work?

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

Tron: Legacy Trailer

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