Martial Arts Society Seeking Funding to Catalog Ancient Martial Arts Styles in 3D Motion

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Kung Fu movies have long been a staple in my movie-watching career hobby and I’ve enjoyed countless flicks from a variety of martial arts icons like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh, Sammo Hung, Biao Yuen, and Chia-Hui Liu (Gordon Liu), etc…   It’s great to see how martial arts has transcended generations and cultural lines, having made its way into mainstream media. Now you see it everywhere from cartoons to modern action flicks and even comedies. I’ve always been a fan of its grace, power, and artistry. I remember watching demonstration mode on Soul Calibur for hours at a time trying to figure out various movements… not Voldo’s though.

As society progresses forward in the technology age, ancient styles such as Wing Kong and Kung Kuen are slowly dying out as masters with refined techniques are aging. While they are well-documented in the traditional paper medium, the International Guoshu Association (IGU) and City University of Hong Kong are seeking to use 3D Motion capture to catalog martial arts styles—Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive. They’ll be able to use HD and high-speed 3D video capture techniques to include data not easily available in a written medium. This includes things like speed, momentum, acceleration, torque, and time.  I’m surprised this hasn’t been thought of before, but it’s great to see how new technology can be used to help immortalize these ancient traditions and practices.

Currently, they’ve only raised about 12% of their $50,000 goal on with 52 days left. Let’s hope they get funded and complete the project so I can go back to pretending I know martial arts. At least until machines take over and I can learn kung fu with the touch of a button.


Here are some of my favorite martial arts fight scenes, not in any particular order.

10-man fight scene from IpMan (Donnie Yen)

Final Fight from Drunken Master (Jackie Chan vs Ken Lo)

Hallway fight from The Raid: Redemption (Iko Uwais)

(Extremely graphic and violent)

The Magnificent Butcher (Sammo Hung vs Lee Hoi San)

The Protector – One Shot Sequence (Tony Jaa)

Absolutely love this one-take action sequence. It felt like a video game.

and… it looks like there will be a Protector 2 coming later this year.

The Protector 2 Featurette (Tony Jaa and the Rza)


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