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Geeky Goodies

The Good
Great value, quality materials, fun theme, nice packaging, and fun surprise.

The Bad
Novelty, some items won't be used.

Nowadays, there are plenty of things that you can get delivered to your house on a monthly basis. Razors, diapers, lady products, arts and crafts, beer, food, fishing lures, and even (ahem) sex toys. Having worked in this type of startup, dealing with arts and crafts activities for children 3 to 6, I can appreciate the convenience of a subscription box as long as there is some value and practical applications. Sooooooooooo… I signed up for a box that delivers random toys and geek paraphernalia—LootCrate. Y’know, for the practicality of everything :).

My first impression when I saw the box was that it was much smaller than expected, roughly 4.5″ Deep X 7.5″ Tall X 7.5″ Wide. However, as a creative I am quite impressed with the quality of the box and print material. The custom printed box, colored black on the outside and orange on the inside, and the nicely designed and printed 25 page pamphlet cannot be cheap to produce.

Each month’s box is based on a theme, and this month’s was “Launch”. Here are the items I received:

1) Funko Pop Hero Domo Superman (retails $6-$10)


I’m not extremely familiar with Domo, but I believe he’s a Japanese mascot of some kind. Regardless, this pop vinyl figure is awesome and has found a lovely home on my desk. Superman has never looked so… cute and toothy.

2) Minecraft 2014 Mini Calendar (Retails $6-$12)


3) Star Wars Trading Card Game – Ground Assault with Pocket Models ($3 – $4)

I have never played a tabletop trading card game before, but I thought the little pocket models were pretty cool. That is, until I put them together. Either my fingers are too fat or my hand-eye coordination is rapidly dwindling. I ended up breaking one of the B-Wings and I don’t think I put the AT-TE together correctly.

4) Star Wars – Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide ($8 – $10)


Need to ask an Ewok for directions? Ever wanted to speak wookie? This book covers basic phrases and words in the many languages of the Star Wars universe.

5) Nasa Patch and Stickers ($5 – $9 for all)


Overall, I’m blow away by the value of the box based on a per item cost comparison. I signed up for the 6-month plan with 20% off, which comes out to $15.90 per month. Based on the retail values of each of these items, I’m saving $9 to $20 with each box. Granted, I would not have bought any of these items on my own, but I the surprise is half the fun.

Lootcrate isn’t for everyone, but you get a great deal of value within each box and I think it makes a unique gift for any geek/gamer in your life. If you’re interested in signing up, you can check out their subscription plans here: http://mbsy.co/lootcrate/1480063



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