Kung Fury – 80’s Movie Awesomeness

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What makes a good action movie? Giant robots and dinosaurs ala Pacific Rim style? Mythological Norse gods and vikings? Over-the-top, heart-ripping, gravity-defying martial arts? Cheesy one-liners? Stereotypical archetypes? Or Michael Bay’s formula of explosions, explosions, and more explosions?

Well… apparently some dude named David Sandberg said,

“Fuck it. Why not just combine all of this into a single movie?”

Hell. Yes.

Kung Fury, Sandberg’s Kickstarter project, just exceeded its $200,000 funding goal and is now in post-production. Apparently in 6 months, this movie-mashup of sheer awesomeness will be available online for free. Prepare to have your faces melted this Summer 2014.

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