Dad Builds Custom SpaceCraft Room

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Give me an old cardboard box, some play-dough, stickers, and the possibilities were endless for me as a kid. I had a car, tank, secret hideout, castle, boat, ship, airplane, whatever… I’m wicked glad that I didn’t have as much access to the internet as I do today, otherwise I think I would’ve desperately wanted something like this in my room: a spacecraft complete with a mission control desk [via].

Some of the features this thing has is amazing:

  • Full control panel with display and space sounds
  • Joystick to control lights, engine and thruster noises at varying levels
  • Payload bay with motorized hatch and robot arm that can be controlled remotely
  • Headset audio link between spacecraft and mission control in ANOTHER ROOM

You can watch the video above for all of he details or visit Makezine for the implementation info.

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