HollaBears: An Easier Way to Cat Call

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Long gone are the days when men used to holler pick-up lines from a moving vehicle at an attractive passerby of the opposite sex… right? Nope… it’s just getting better. The tried-and-true art form of yelling offensive “compliments” in hopeless attempts to pick-up women can now be supplemented with Holla Bears. A cute, cuddly stuffed bear holding a heart that’s embroidered with romantic sentiments such as:

Shawty U Fine as Shit Tho

Aye Bitch I’m Tryna Holla

You can get these 16″ Bears for $29 + tax/shipping. Let your “bae” know how you care. [Bae??? Excuse me while I go wash out the vomit from my mouth]

The shawty one is *kinda* funny, but you can customize these with any other saying if you want to (please do).

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