He IS Groot – Cosplay by PropCustomz

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Came across this siiiiiiick cosplay by Calen Hoffman on Imgur, and am simply blown away by his artistry. According to his Facebook album description, he used the following materials:

  • Pipe insulation form for main body and hot glued to a suite of under armor
  • Carved EVA foam sheets make up the bark plates and mask
  • Kleenex soaked in tacky glue and water
  • Rattle cans and acrylics were used to paint.
  • Foliage is made from scenery foliage found in the model train section of a hobby store

Cost of materials = Less than $100
Time to build = 1.5 months
No weight listed, but it can fold up and fit into a 45 gallon tote.

You can see the full gallery of his build here. Now, who has a pet raccoon he can borrow?

Groot2Groot1Groot-Cosplay (1)

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