Chic Mario Bros Lego Lamp for the Classy Gamer with a LOT of Coin

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Etsy artist/seller, PugsnLegos, has this stylish Mario Bros lamp made completely out of Lego. From the description, the lamp’s LED lights can be remotely controlled to turn them on and off, change the colors, adjust brightness, and toggle color effects.

It stands approximately 27.5″ tall with a 10″ square base, and weighs about 10 lbs. It can be yours for the low cost of… $2200!

Mario-Lamp3 Mario-Lamp4

That’s a ton of coin, but this handmade and functional artwork may be the piece your game collection needs. Check out PugsnLegos other works at his Etsy store. He’s got a Pacman-themed lamp and another Mario Bros One.


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