Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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It took me a lot NOT to buy this game upon its release, but I’m glad I waited. Otherwise, I think I wouldn’t have finished any work. This game had me at, “Warning: There is content that may offend some players…”

All of which made the first game great, awesome single-player campaign, great characters, intense action, cool weapons, and an engaging multiplayer, are back… some improved but with some slightly missing the mark.


The game takes place 5 years after the events of COD: Modern Warfare. There is a new terrorist threat to deal with, and like its predecessor you’ll play through the game as several different soldiers. You’ll be treated to a wide variety of conflicts and settings, some involving stealth play or all-out gun fights. There is no shortage of exciting sequences and the action is smooth in its delivery. The shooting mechanics seem to be improved and allow you to really feel as skilled as the character you are playing – quickly switching between targets as you breach an occupied room.

Although the game is short (you can probably get through it in about 6-7 hours), the competitive multiplayer is what will have many gamers coming back for more… and rightfully so. With new maps, a new prestige (or leveling) system, and new weapons, the playing field has changed. For example, you can opt to carry two main weapons rather than a primary and a secondary sidearm.


My favorite new mode is Special-Ops. You can choose to go it alone or with a friend (via xbox live) and tackle time-, score-, difficulty-, or stealth-based missions. As you progress, you’ll be given a star rating out of a possible 3 stars. After acquiring a certain amount, new levels will be unlocked for you to play through. Some missions require 2 people, like where one player is watching from above with an airplane mounted gun and the other proceeds on foot. Unfortunately there is no matchmaking available, but you can always troll the lobbies for a partner.


Like many good violent action games, controversy surrounds the release due to an explicit level named, “No Russian”. In this particular mission, you play as an undercover operative who has infiltrated a terrorist cell group. Set in an airport, your objective is to slaughter any innocent bystander but NO Russians. To be quite honest, I was shocked that they would put this in the game and can see how it may affect people negatively.

After reading many reviews and related news about the game, the developers apparently wanted you to see how ruthless this fictional terrorist organization is. In my opinion, I think they could have taken it in a completely different route and produced the same effect.


Despite the controversy and short single-player campaign, this game is a MUST-BUY for all gamers 18 and up who enjoy a good shooter. 5 out of 5 stars. The special-ops and multiplayer modes will be enough for most fans of the series. Replay Value: High

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