BuckyBalls Issuing Refunds for Their Toy Magnets

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In 2012, the maker of Buckyballs and BuckyCubes was sued by the Consumer Products Safety Commission in order to pull the powerful desktop magnets from retail shelves citing that “the products contain defects in the design, packaging, warnings, and instructions which pose a significant risk of injury to the public (CPSC Release).” BuckyBalls will be issuing refunds to customers who return their purchases.

I own a few sets of BuckyBalls and am fully aware that this is not a toy that children should be handling, nor is it a product that should be ingested. I found that the warning labels were more than adequate, but after a handful of injuries the CPSC decided it was best to have the product recalled and the BuckyBalls company went out of business. I may be treading a fine line here, but to me this seems like a case of people not having common sense. They’re the same people that buy Mature-Rated games for children, leave harmful products in reach of toddlers, and can’t take accountability for their own actions or negligence.


According to an article from USATODAY, a 12 y/o was simulating a tongue piercing when she accidentally swallowed four BuckyBalls pieces that a friend had brought to school. Now I feel bad that this child had to undergo surgery for the incident and am glad she is okay, but a 12 y/o is MORE than capable of understanding that placing magnets in your mouth is EXTREMELY dangerous. Are the makers of the magnets really at fault for that?

Here’s what the CEO of BuckyBalls, Craig Zucker, had to say about the CPSC:

[via Reason.TV]

Consumers do have to follow the warnings and the regulations shared with them” – Craig Zucker

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