Answer to Geek Obesity: Pedal to Power Electronics

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What do you do about exercise when you’re sedentary and sitting at a computer for 9+ hours per day? Maintaining weight, let alone losing it, becomes more difficult with a job that requires minimal physical exertion. Enter Pedal Power, a bicycle type rig that generates power… well… from you pedaling.

These “dynapods” come in 2 products: 1) the Big Rig, a multifunction machine with a built-in seat and work surface, and 2) the Pedal Genny, a portable single function machine.

big rig

The Big Rig


Pedal Genny

Although I’m intrigued at the notion of an exercise bike as a desk, it doesn’t seem overly practical when compared to a standing desk or treadmill desk. The Pedal Genny currently goes for $350 + shipping, while the Big Rig is at a whopping $2000 + shipping. The huge downside? Lead times for builds can range up to 4 months.

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